Top 10 Popular Best Selling Baby Powders

Top 10 Popular Best Selling Baby Powders

Looking for a good baby powder? Here is a list of Top 10 popular baby powders. Compare them and buy the best one for your baby from Amazon

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder

Price : Rs. 112.00 (400 gram)
Price : Rs.  86.00 (200 gram)
Price : Rs. 60.00 (100 gram)
  • Cools skin
  • Anti-perspirant
  • Heals skin
  • Pack size : 400 grams
  • Key Ingredients: Olive oil, enriched with vitamin E, nourishes, protects and softens skin and prevents chafing
  • It has soothing and antimicrobial properties, which keeps your baby's skin healthy and soft
Cool, Soothing and Naturally Fresh
Himalaya Herbals baby powder, with its cool and soothing properties, is highly efficacious in combating dry skin problems of your baby. This herbal baby powder is enriched with nourishing elements like olive oil, almond oil, khus khus and natural zinc. Olive oil has the goodness of Vitamin E and is known to soften and protect your child's skin while preventing dermatitis and other skin problems like chaffing. Vitamin A-enriched almond oil fights infections and contributes to significant bone development of your infant. Besides its soothing and anti-microbial nature, it keeps your newborn's delicate and sensitive skin shielded from environmental pollutants that cause irritation. Khus Khus is another natural ingredient that has strong anti-perspirant and astringent properties and helps keep body odour at bay.

Protects, Heals and Keeps Skin Fragrant Throughout the Day
This 400g herbal baby powder is infused with the antiseptic and healing powers of natural zinc that's quite effective against conditions like Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and Miliaria Rubra (commonly known as prickly heat). As the functioning of sweat glands is not developed to the fullest in infants, they are prone to sweat-related irritation, rashes and blisters. Himalaya baby powder is clinically found to be effective in treating all such dermatological problems. Apply a liberal quantity of the powder to delicate areas of your child like face, knees, elbows and skin folds where the chances of infection are high. Buy Himalaya baby powder to protect, nourish and keep your toddler's skin fragrant throughout the day.
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Johnson's Baby Powder

Price : Rs. 229.00  (700g)
Price : Rs. 150.00  (400g)
Price : Rs. 50.00 (100g)

  • Helps reduces skin irritation to sooth your baby's skin
  • 100% Clinically proven mild and gentle
  • Dermatologist tested, allergy tested
  • Every Johnson's product passes a 5 level safety assurance process
Product Description
Did you know? your baby's skin is 10 times more sensitive than adults and hence more prone to irritation. That's why johnson’s baby powder is specially designed with millions of tiny round slippery plates that glide over each other to help reduce the irritation caused by friction thus providing soothing comfort to your baby. Johnson’s baby powder contains only U.S. pharmacopeial (USP) grade talc which meets the highest quality, purity and compliance standards.

From the Manufacturer
At JOHNSON’S, we combine our 120-year-old experience with new scientific developments. All our products come with the TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION seal which signifies our promise to offer only what is safe, mild, and effective for use on baby’s skin and hair. That’s what makes us Best For Baby in 173 countries.

It takes 1 year on an average for new material to qualify for use. Products meet or exceed 15 Global regulatory standards.

Clinical Evaluation: Skin irritation, Allergic reaction, Sunlight, Efficacy

90% of all publications & scientific literature on baby’s skin has been has been advanced by us.

Your baby’s delicate skin deserves nothing but the best

That’s why, JOHNSON’S baby powder contains only U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) grade talc, which meets the highest quality, purity and compliance standards.
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Johnson's Baby Powder Blossoms

Price : Rs. 95.00 (200g)
Price : Rs. 55.00 (100g)

  • For baby, use after every bath and diaper change, to keep you baby's skin dry and make your baby's skin soft and smooth
  • Clinically proven mildness for baby's delicate skin
  • Best for baby, causes no allergy or irritation to baby's skin
  • No parabens and SLS, no dyes and alcohol
  • Used by 9 out of 10 pediatricians on their own babies
Johnson's Baby powder blossoms, delicate floral fragrance, clinically proven mild, triple baby protection. Keeps babies smelling fresh and fragrant longer. We love babies and we understand how important it is to keep baby’s skin fresh and comfortable. Johnson's Baby Powder Blossoms is delicately scented with a long-lasting fragrance. Johnson's Baby powder blossoms helps to eliminate friction while keeping skin cool and comfortable. Unlike adult powders, it's made of millions of tiny round slippery plates that glide over each other to help reduce the irritation caused by friction and thus providing soothing comfort to your baby. Powder provides a barrier that helps keep your baby feeling fresh and free from unnecessary moisture. With a delicate floral fragrance, this incredibly soft baby powder formula awakens and stimulates your baby’s senses making your baby feel fresh and letting your baby play happily with everyone. Keeps baby soft and smooth, dry and happy. Moms trust Johnson's always mild, gentle and effective.
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Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder 150g

Price : Rs. 284.00
Acclaimed brand for baby products Mothercare has a rich tradition in helping new parents do that very same thing. Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder has been specifically designed, adhering to strict exacting standards, to ensure that the baby's soft skin gets the tender care it deserves while at the same time allowing your little angel to breathe naturally.


Mothercare is a brand, specialising in a special range of meticulously designed products for mothers-to-be, newborns and growing infants. An international conglomerate with the single minded dedication to provide products for the loving care of your little bundle of joy.
Product Features

The Mothercare Baby Powder is the ideal product to reduce the irritation and discomfort caused by sweat and humidity. Eliminate the friction and moisture from your child’s delicate skin while keeping it cool and comfortable at all times. Made from natural products like chamomile extracts and olive oil, this absorbent powder also contains natural moisturiser free from harmful chemicals. Grant your loved one the soothing comfort of soft and dry skin with the daily application of the powder for fabulous results. With the painstakingly developed hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula, this gentle powder is infused with mild and soothing fragrances to reduce irritation to the newborn’s nostrils.

This talcum powder from the house of Mothercare has been thoroughly tested by an independent group of experienced midwives, to ensure its quality and suitability for your new born angel. This 150 gram pack of the powder is suitable for the baby since birth. An easy-to-use powder when applied thoroughly, will most assuredly keep your child’s skin silky smooth and soft to touch.
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Himalaya Baby Prickly Heat Powder, 200g

Price : Rs. 107.00
Himalaya's Prickly Heat Baby Powder provides relief from prickly heat and protects skin from infections. The ingredients work together to keep your baby's skin cool. Key ingredients: Neem has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which protect baby's skin from infections, rashes and inflammation. Khus Grass has antiperspirant and astringent properties, which keep baby's skin fresh all day. Natural Zinc contains antiseptic properties and has traditionally been used as a wound healing agent. Pack size: 50 g, 100 g and 200 g. Directions for use: Sprinkle Prickly Heat Baby Powder liberally on baby's skin after bathing, nappy change, and before bedtime.
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Chicco 150g Talcum Powder

Price : Rs. 149.00

  • The absorbent property of the formula with rice starch refreshes and protects baby's skin, making it dry and velvety soft It allows the skin to breathe naturally, without clogging skin pores
  • No parabens dyes and alcohol free
  • Clinically tested on sensitive skins Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies)
Special Talcum Powder for Babies

Made for the baby's super soft skin, the Chicco Talcum Powder comes with Zinc Oxide that protects the baby's skin and refreshes it. This unique talcum powder for baby has a super absorbent quality that helps keep the baby's skin dry and as soft as velvet. Extremely easy to apply, the Chicco baby powder safeguards your baby's skin against the infections caused due to unnecessary moisture accumulation in the pores. Additionally, the Chicco baby powder is packed with a special fragrance that keeps your baby feeling fresh and happy for longer time.

Naturally Refreshing

The Chicco Baby Talcum Powder uses a special formulation which when applied on your little one does not block the skin pores allowing the baby's skin to breathe naturally. This automatically keeps the baby's skin velvety soft. Additionally, the Chicco talcum powder for baby has been clinically tested and id free of harmful chemicals, allergens, etc. It is absolutely safe for being included in the everyday grooming routine of your baby. Free from Parabens or any other chemical preservative, using this baby powder ensures that your little one's skin is never at the risk of being harmed.
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Price : Rs. 614.00

  • Reduces the effects of rubbing and chafing
  • Extra soft formula with Allantoin to help protect against irritation
  • Helps to keep baby's delicate skin healthy and soft

The absorbent property of the formula with rice starch refreshes and protects baby's skin, making it dry and velvety soft It allows the skin to breathe naturally, without clogging skin pores

Mee Mee Baby Powder (Purple), 500g

Price : Rs. 279.00

  • It keeps skin fresh and dry
  • Excellent fragrance
  • Bottle of 500 grams
  • Suitable from birth
For your child’s safety and health. All Mee Mee products are carefully made to the highest safety standards. It is a light and soft powder makes your baby’s skin feel more comfortable. Specially made for your baby’s skin, it keeps yhe skin fresh and dry.

Pigeon Baby Powder with Fragrance (500g)

Price : Rs. 299.00
With refreshing fragrance of lilac & vanilla.Enriched with natural plant extracts.Keeps Baby's Skin Soft & fresh.
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Libero Baby Talcum Powder (100g)

Price : Rs. 55.00

  • Contains aloe vera and vitamins from natural oils
  • Contains natural starch from corn and potatoes
  • Made up of the mildest ingredients
  • Ensures your baby's delicate skin stays comfortable