Best Face Creams - Five Popular Face Creams

Best Face Creams - Five Popular Face Creams

For women who are on the go and could use the extra minutes before stepping out, Lakmé CC cream is here to the rescue. This cream acts as your everyday instant skin stylist and lets you get that perfect look of makeup + skincare for any occasion. It may be work, party or simply an evening with friends; your personal stylist will help you get the right look for it all. It’s time to move on to a simpler regime without comprising on skincare. The Lakmé CC cream moistures, brightens and freshens your skin while enriching it with a hint of makeup. With sun protection of SPF 30 and makeup benefits like even skin tone and skin coverage, this cream takes complete care of your complexion. The beige variant of this CC cream blends in seamlessly when applied on light to wheatish skin tone. This cream can also be used along with other products or on its own if you prefer just the lightest touch of make-up. Furthermore, the Lakmé CC cream comes in a chic sturdy packaging with a well fitted rose gold cap. Lakmé 9 to 5 CC Cream brings you the best of both worlds: It’s skincare with a touch of makeup to give you the perfect look, for any occasion, in an instant.

Approximate price for 30g : Rs. 210.00 We can check amazon shopping site to see the current selling price.

A revolutionary formula that 's enriched with known fairness agents like grape, mulberry, saxifraga extracts and milk enzymes. 

Radiant and Flawless Skin like Never Before

Get a radiant and flawless skin with the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow skin whitening and brightening gel cream. Infused with several fairness agents such as grape, mulberry, saxifraga extracts and milk enzymes, this Lotus Whiteglow cream is sure to nourish, moisturise and brighten your skin. This Lotus whitening cream, which is a blend of crème and gel, will give you fresh-looking, fair and radiant skin. The SPF 25 content of this Lotus white glow gel cream protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Perfect Addition to Your Every-Day Beauty Regime

The Lotus Herbals Whiteglow cream makes a perfect addition to your makeup kit and to your daily beauty regime. Apply it on your cleansed face using gentle strokes to achieve a smooth and even finish. It blends quickly on your face and makes you look radiant and fresh. For best results, apply the Lotus whitening and brightening gel cream all over your face and neck at least two times in a day. Perfect for use during summer, this Lotus Herbals Whiteglow skin whitening cream is a must-have for every beauty conscious woman.

Approximate price for 60g : Rs. 290.00 We can check amazon shopping site to see the current selling price.

Keep your skin looking fresh and supple with the Lakme Skin Gloss Gel Creme. It is endowed with a multi-nutrient formula that hydrates your skin and makes it look lustrous without any effort. This moisturizing cream has mineral laden glacial water that gives a cooling effect while the moisture coats your skin with gloss. This silky, smooth day cream tightens your skin and rejuvenates it. Just dab the Lakme Skin Gloss Gel Creme over your face and gently pat it on till your skin absorbs it. Get the lustrous gloss for your face, right here.

Approximate price for 50g : Rs. 300.00 We can check amazon shopping site to see the current selling price.

The Pond's age miracle day cream will fulfil your dream of smooth and young looking skin. This anti-ageing cream works in a multitude of ways to ensure that your skin remain vibrant and youthful. This cream comes in a smooth texture that is readily absorbed through the skin and reaches deep within to provide long lasting effects. It aids the process of skin renewal, erases fine lines and wrinkles to give you a smoother skin. Its effective ingredients also remove dark spots to let you enjoy clear skin. The cream comes with SPF 15 PA to help protect your skin against harmful UV rays of the sun. Keep your skin young, feel young. You should try the Pond's age miracle day cream immediately.

Approximate price for 35g : Rs. 260.00 We can check amazon shopping site to see the current selling price.

Olay Total Effects helps fight the 7 signs of skin ageing to give you visibly younger looking skin. From cleansing to moisturising, Olay Total Effects offers an array of products dedicated to making your skin look its best. Using an exclusive VitaNiacin formula, Olay Total Effects moisturizers are proven effective in fighting the 7 signs of ageing 1.Uneven Skin Tone: Balances and evens out skin tone 2.Dryness: Provides nourishing moisturization 3.Uneven Texture: Smoothens and evens out skin texture 4.Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Reducing the appearance ofwrinkles 5.Age Spots: Reduces the appearance of age spots 6.Dullness: Gives skin a healthy glow 7.Pores: Minimizes the appearance of pores Recommended Regimen Steps Step 1: Cleanse your face with Olay Total Effects Cleanser Step 2: Apply Total Effects Serum to give your skin a special boost and Total Effects Eye Cream to reduce dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles around your eyes Step 3: Apply Olay Total Effects Skin Cream to moisturize and care for your skin Directions Apply liberally to cleansed face and neck twice a day. Tips and Advice Wash your face with a good cleanser before applying skin creams for better results

Approximate price for 50g : Rs. 500.00 We can check amazon shopping site to see the current selling price.